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CapitalCity CrownCabs
Capital City Taxis, VictoriaDownload PDF

Having used the Digital Pulse Generators for the past 5 months on a number of taxis, I’ve noticed a 40% to 50% saving on the cost of replacing batteries.

Also, we have not had to 'jump start' or attend to any battery failures. I’m now looking at using the Digital Pulse Generator on tired and older batteries, to rejuvenate these.

The Digital Pulse Generator does what it says, improves reliability and extends the life of a battery.

Nasir Choudhary Crown Cabs, VictoriaDownload PDF

The Digital Pulse Generator was introduced to us with the promise it would significantly improve the life of our batteries in our cars, so we decided to trial it with all our fleet. After 6 months we have reduced maintenance in battery failure and "less jump starts".

The best part is the savings we have made in this period 52%, we carry less stock because they last longer also less cash flow needed.

We can recommend the Digital Pulse Generator; as it does do what it says it will do.

Tuna Guclu, Managing Director US ArmyDownload PDF

The Digital Pulse Generator was originally developed for the USA Army to overcome major problems with battery performance in heavy duty vehicles. This was particularly prominent with the extreme winters that impacted heavily on the equipment. With the instalment of the Digital Pulse Generator into these vehicles, they reported that 79% reduction in battery costs.

THOMAS A. /SCHWARTZ General, USA Commanding Specialty Equipment Marketing Award
(SEMA) Show, 2008
Best New Interior Accessory ProductDownload PDF

Product: F-16 Pulse King

Part: 1011

Booth: Restyling & Car Care Acc. / 12353

Description: Can save fuel and renew battery by high frequency pulse technology. These two functions are approved by SGS.