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DPG Product Shot

The Digital Pulse Generator (DPG) is a sophisticated accessory which works as a desulphator on vehicle batteries. It is the buildup of sulphates which cause the battery to become inefficient.

By attaching the DPG to your batteries terminals, a high frequency digital pulse signal is transmitted within the battery, which immediately begins to break down the sulphates.

Attaching a Digital Pulse Generator to you battery will;

  • Extend the life of your battery by up to 3 times
  • Rejuvenates old and/or tired batteries
  • Enhance the battery performance
  • The Digital Pulse Generator has a 10 year guarantee, and is transferable between batteries and vehicles.


    Having used the Digital Pulse Generators for the past 5 months on a number of taxis, I’ve noticed a 40% to 50% saving on the cost of replacing batteries. (Click here to read more)

    Nasir Choudhary, Director. Capital City Taxis, Victoria